Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lives and works in Burlington, VT


Summer  2015     Burlington City Arts; Burlington, VT

Fall         2008     Gallery Bienvenu; New Orleans, LA

Summer  2008     Baldwin Gallery; Aspen, CO

Fall         2007     Magnan Projects; Manhattan, NY 

Fall         2006     Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; San Juan, Puerto Rico

Winter    2005     Baldwin Gallery; Aspen, CO

Winter    2003     Cornell DeWitt Gallery; Manhattan, NY Winter

Fall         2001     Cornell DeWitt Gallery; Manhattan, NY Fall


Fall          2013     Pride Center of Vermont; Burlington, VT.,

Fall          2010     Re:Institute; Millerton, NY,

Summer   2010     Now Contemporary Art; Miami, FL

Spring     2010     McNeill Art Group/ Tribeca Project Space; Manhattan, NY

Spring     2009     Kuwait Art Foundation; Kuwait City, Kuwait

Spring     2009     The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts; San Francisco, CA

Fall         2008     Aspen Art Museum; Aspen, CO

Fall         2008     Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure; Acarigua-Araure, Venezuela

Oct.        2008     Galerie Favardin & de Veneuil; Paris, France

Fall         2008     Brooklyn Academy of Music; Brooklyn, NY

June       2008     Wave Hill Arts Center; Bronx, NY

June       2008     CSV Cultural Center; Manhattan, NY

Spring    2008     Pulse Art Fair – Magnan Projects; Manhattan, NY

Spring    2008     Marc Dean Project; Long Island City, NY

Fall        2007     L’Espace Tajan;Represented by Galerie ‘A Rebours;’ Paris, France

Spring    2007     Pulse Art Fair- Magnan Projects; Manhattan, NY

Winter   2007     Lehman College Art Gallery; Bronx, NY; Sugar Buzz

Fall        2006     Hardcore Contemporary Art Space; Miami, FL; Happily Ever After

Fall        2006     Klaus von Nichtssagend; Represented by Forth Estate Editions;  Williamsburg, NY

Fall        2006     L’Espace Tajan; Represented by Galerie A Rebours; Paris, France

Fall        2006     Bruno Marina Gallery; Forth Estate: Works on paper. Curated by Luther Davis; Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2006     PS1-MoMA; Bearable Lightness…Likeness. Curated by Franklin Sirmans; Long Island City, NY

Spring    2006     Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; San Juan, PR

Winter   2006     Pulse Art Fair; Manhattan, NY

Winter   2006     The Armory Show- Exit Art Gallery; Manhattan, NY

Winter   2006     Patton-Malott & Gartner Gallery; Snowmass Village, CO

Fall        2005     El Museo del Barrio: The (S) Files Bienal; Manhattan, NY

Summer 2005     Exit-Art: Homomuseum; Manhattan, NY

Spring    2004     Jeff Bailey Gallery; Manhattan, NY

Spring    2004     Robert Steele; Gallery Manhattan, NY

Winter   2004     The Armory Show- Exit Art Gallery; Manhattan, NY

Fall        2003     Exit Art: L-Factor; Manhattan, NY

Fall        2002     Affordable Art Fair; Manhattan, NY

Spring   2002     Patton-Malott & Gartner Gallery; Snowmass Village, CO

Summer 2000     Meat-Market Art Fair- CDG; Manhattan, NY

Summer 2000     Castle Creek Gallery; Aspen, CO

Winter  1999     Red Brick Arts Center-Aspen Art Museum; Aspen, CO

Summer 1999    Patton-Malott & Gartner Gallery; Snowmass Village, CO


2012                 SUNY-Downstate Medical Center; Brooklyn, NY; Bachelor in the Science of Nursing.

1998                 Anderson Ranch Arts Center (ARAC) Snowmass Village, CO

1993                 Kansas State University Manhattan, KS; Bachelor in Architecture.

1992                 Centro Studi Santa Chiara Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

1989                 Technical University of Budapest Budapest, Hungary

1993                 C.R.O.E.M. Mayagüez, Puerto Rico


2013-Present  University of Vermont medical Center, Burlington, VT; Staff Nurse, Oncology Unit

2001-2003      Annie Leibovitz Studio New York, NY; Post-Shoot Art Director

2001                Beckhard Richland & Associates New York, NY; Design and Production team

199-2000        Bill Gerber Design New York, NY; Design & Production Team

1997-1999      Harry Teague Architects Aspen, CO; Design and Production Team

1995-1997      Yoga Retreats Intl. Baja California Sur, Mexico; San Miguel Silent Retreat (Design and Construction Teams)

1993-1995      Studio B Architects Aspen, CO; Design & Production Team


2015               Burlington City Arts; An Ode to Time; Burlington, VT        

2014               Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; Anemone; Built for the Quantum of the Seas cruise ship.

2013               Candy Farm Commission; An Ode to Time; Warren, VT

2011               Ritz-Carlton Commission. Sculpture: Pendulum. Hong Kong, China

2010               Ritz-Carlton/ Dorado Beach Commission. Relief: Mangle. Dorado, PR

2009               Blatman Commission. Sculpture: Accarezzévole. New York, NY

2008               Brooklyn Academy Of Music/ Next Wave Festival. Site-Specific Installation: Disbeleif. Brooklyn, NY

2007               Blatman Commission. Sculpture: Wassily. New York, NY

                        Patten Commission. Sculpture: Lady Hawke. Brooklyn, NY

2006               Fechter Commission. Sculpture: Magic Lantern. Manhattan, NY

                        Pulse Art Fair. Site-Specific Installation: “That’s Not Art!” Manhattan, NY

2005               Kepler Commission. Sculpture: Splash. San Diego, CA

                        Lischer Commission. Sculpture: Eclipse. Brooklyn, NY

                        Lubin/McDermott Commission. Sculpture: Counterpoint. New York, NY

                        The Alsop Commissions. Sculptures: The A.T. and Adam + Eve. Brooklyn, NY

2000               Lipkin/Guralnick Commission. Site Specific Installation: Suspension: Redifined. Aspen, CO

                        Gallun/McGregor Commission. Site-Specific Installation: Back Hole. Aspen, CO