Gambit Weekly- Art Section Dead Man's Float November 11, 2008

Feature by By D. Eric Bookhardt

Aspen Times Weekly- Art Section Battling Persecution, but beautifully July 6, 2008

Feature by Stewart Oksenhorn

Aspen Times Weekly Current Events June 28, 2008


The New York Times- Art in Review Sugar Buzz May 11, 2007

Mention by Martha Schwendener

The New York Times- Travel A Cheap Room Puts Old San Juan Within Reach April 15, 2007

Mention by Matti Gross

Art Nexus "Al Que Nace 'Pa Martillo..." Art Nexus no. 64 Vol. 6, 2007

Review by Joel Weinstein Who was that masked man? Edition 27, April, 2007

Mention by Joel Weinstein

El Nuevo Dia- Cultura Marionetas de Luz Friday 13.Mar.07

Article by Tatiana Pérez Rivera

Daily Candy- NY Edition Weekend Guide Friday 01.Mar.07

Feature Paradise According to Milton

The New York Blade- The Arts Paradise Found: Milton Rosa Ortiz' Friday 02.Mar.07

Article Exquisite Garden of Eden hanging sculptures by Rafael Risemberg

Sculpture New York: El Museo's Bienal Vol.25, No. 10, Dec.06

Mention The (S) Files/ The selected Files

City Magazine- Action "Al Que Nace 'Pa Martillo..." Issue 45, Dec.06-Jan-07


El Vocero- Escenario "Al Que Nace 'Pa Martillo..." Noverber 2, 2006

Newspaper Article by Jorge Rodriguez

Entorno "Al Que Nace 'Pa Martillo..." Edición 04

Article By Celina Nogueras Cuevas

Art Nexus The Armory Show y Ferias Satelite Art Nexus no. 61

Mention by Tatiana Flores Vol. 5, 2006

El Arte in Puerto Rico June, 2006

Mention by Carlos Jimenez

La El Arte Latino, cada vez mas dificil de clasificar. May, 2006


Art in America- Front Page Satellite Shows April, 2006


The New York Times- Arts Directions; Art by Numbers March 19, 2006

Mention by Zachary Pincus-Roth

Primera Hora Los Escogidos March 16, 2006

Mention by Carmen M. Trelles Hernández

Radio Caracol Ferias de Arte Contemporáneo March 11, 2006

Mention Invaden Nueva York by Larissa Vazquez Zapata 

Art Actuel- Actualité USA The (S) Files: Latinas et Latinos #41 Nov-Dec, 2005

Mention by Marie-Pierre Nakamura

El Nuevo Dia La Sutileza del Gesto October 2, 2005

Mention by Larissa Vazquez Zapata

The Brooklyn Rail- Art Section El Museo's Bienal: The (S) Files October, 2005


New York Times- Art in Review Latino Art and, Beyond Category September 2, 2005

Mention by Holland Cutter

New York Times- Art in Review Homomuseum: Heroes and Monuments June 24, 2005

Mention by Holland Cutter

Village Voice- NYC Guide NYC Guide- Mention June 22-28, 2005

NY1- Local NYC TV Station Gay Artists envision a "Homomuseum" June 20, 2005 

at Exit Art by Stephanie Simon Inthe Search for the perfect Manhattan May 25, 2005


Aspen Times- Art Section Suspending Sin March 11, 2005

Feature by Stewart Oksenhorn

KAJX, Aspen Radio All ABout The Arts February 15, 2005

Interview by Jim Baker

Aspen Magazine- Scene:Galleries Sinful Work Spring 2005

Feature by Jill Benner

Art Nexus Los Latinos Art Nexus no. 53 Vol. 3, 2004

Mention by Luis Camnitzer

Flash Art- Italy New Latino Essence February- March, 2004

Mention by Holland Cutter

Art News ArtTalk:High-Lo J-Lo February, 2004

Mention by Howie Khan

Time Out New York- Art Listings "L-Factor" January 13-24, 2004

Mention by Franklin Sirmans

Planet Online "L-Factor" January, 2004

Mention by Marina Garcia-Vasquez

Village Voice Group Portrait December 19, 2003

Mention by Kim Levin

New York Times- Art in Review In two shows, a new Latino Essence, November 28, 2003

Mention Remixed and Redistilled by Holland Cutter

Puerto Rico Herald In two shows, a new Latino Essence, November 28, 2003

Mention Remixed and Redistilled by Holland Cutter

Daily News Portraits of a Culture November 22, 2003

Mention by Celia McGuee

It's Installation Review January 24, 2001

Feature by Stephanie Herbeck