Acrylic beads, seed beads, monofilament, support structure

35”W x 22”D x 48”H (support structure not included)

Fall 2005


 This piece was inspired by the musical term attributed to composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It is an attempt at making a VISUAL counterpoint.

Bach was known during his time as a prodigious organist but, not as a composer. The piece is made of silver and gold acrylic beads to address this issue. Silver after the organ pipes and gold after the Baroque decorations of the era.

The sculpture begins with the main “voice” [gold]. Shortly thereafter the second voice [silver] appears. As they sweep and evolve, both voice create the piece with the main voice, eventually, finishing the piece.

The overall shape of the piece was arrived at by interlocking the initials of his name: J.S.B.