Glass beads, brass lockets, 18k gold beads, seed beads, monofilament, support structure.

12”W x 14”D x 38”H (support structure not included)

Fall 2006

Magic Lantern was built as a commission for Andy and Debbie Fechter. The piece was created in response to what I perceived as sensibilities of the two of them. Debbie’s appreciation of the color red as well as Andy’s attraction to carved/embossed/inlaid objects. The shape of the piece comes from the flower by the same name. It was my impression that the Fechters are a very warm family, they spend much of their time around the dining room, sharing meals and, each others company. Their family seemed to emanate a kind of old wisdom, an old kind of comfort that I associated with light. A kind of family light of sorts. So, my intention with this piece was to bring into their dining room a symbolic source of light. Usually, any one of my sculptures has one item that’s different from the rest. This is to reiterate the age old belief that only God can make something perfect. But, also to pay my respects to the one in the family who had the courage to be herself/himself. ‘Cuz there’s always ONE. Magic Lantern has TWO different items, two 18 karat gold beads. They symbolize the two Fechter daughters.